About Natural Dip


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We have been working on nail industry more than 20 years and now how to create a new method that take care customer’s nail healthy. Natural Dip Powders has been entering to nail industry short time after that. Number of customers who are experiencing about natural dip powders has been continuing increasingly. We’ve worked all the time with our engineers and manufacturers to improve our products to meet customer’s needs. Therefore, we keep doing our best on testing our products before launching to the market.

We have more that 300 colors available in our website. All colors are matched with all nail polish and our products are made in U.S.A.

If you have not heard or used Natural Dip or never do with dipping system, let DIP IT, SEE IT & LOVE IT.


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[thb_header icon=”fa fa-user” title=”TESTIMONIALS”][thb_testimonials values=”Tiffany Hollen |I love the dip powders because it is easy and fast. My customers now are using a lot of dip powders where the only salon in my area using healthy nail products.”][thb_testimonials values=”Carol Annet |The application process is easy just prep-dip and go! Dip power saved my salon business a lot. This products bring to my salon more convenient than ever and save a lot of time for our customers.”]